Tracy Avis  Associates CBT

Independent Psychotherapy and CBT Practice


Phone: 07792524591

Ptolemy House, Reading Road, Wallingford OX10 9DN

How to make an appointment with myself and my Associates:

In the first instance email me with a few brief details at, or use the contact page below.  I will reply to let you know about our availability and send you some further information.    


Phone              07792524591 (usually an answerphone, I will call you back) 


Following receipt of your message, I will try to respond to your enquiry within 2 working days and either contact you by email or phone for more information if this is needed.  If you are seeing me I will send some possible dates for a first meeting or if you are seeing either Kasia, Claire or Dan, they will contact you directly to arrange the same. Prior to your appointment, we will send you an email confirmation of the appointment with an attached copy of the client agreement, a registration form, and sometimes a couple of brief questionnaires for you to complete and bring with you to the first session.

   "We are cradlers of secrets.  Every day, patients grace us with their secrets, often never before shared.  Receiving such secrets is a privilege given to very few". (Irvin Yalom).