Tracy Avis  Associates CBT

Independent Psychotherapy and CBT Practice


Phone: 07792524591

Ptolemy House, Reading Road, Wallingford OX10 9DN

Location and Fees  

Ptolemy House & Parking nearby 

We have 2 very comfortable therapy rooms on the first floor of Ptolemy House in Wallingford (see images below).

Parking is not available on site, but there are several car parks within a couple of minutes walk:

Goldsmiths Lane Car Park OX10 0DS

Thames Street Car Park OX10 0BH

Waitrose, St Martins Lane OX10 0EF

There are often a few 2 hour parking spaces on the Reading Road.

The grey double door at the entrance to Ptolemy House is usually open during office hours.  If not, there is a buzzer and we will let you in as soon as we hear you.  There is a waiting room on the first floor.   


Tracy and Dan charge £110 for a standard 50 minute clinical session for individuals.

Whilst waiting for full BABCP accreditation, Kasia and Claire’s fee is £100 per hour session.

When therapists are on placement and can be considered ‘in training’ we are able to offer their service at aa reduced fee of £65 for an hour's clinical session.

Couples and family groups generally need a 90 minute session and these are charged at £165.

Supervision for practioners and students is £100 for a 60 minute session.

Any liaison with outside agencies or report writing etc - that requires more than a few minutes - will be charged pro-rata.

CANCELLATION POLICY: I work on the condition that sessions that are missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are paid for in full. Sessions cancelled 24-48 hours in advance are charged 50% of the agreed session fee.  There is no charge if a session is cancelled with more than 48 hours notice.


If you are planning to fund your therapy via medical insurance, please let me know when you make contact to see who is registered with whom.  Currently Kasia and Claire do not work with any insurance companies and I am limiting my remit to AVIVA, AXA, AND WPA.  Dan is registered with several insurance service.